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Smart. Caring. Professional. Healthcare for Women.

No matter what your stage in life as a woman, Matlock OB/GYN wants to play an important role as your partner in achieving optimal health. Together, we’re redefining women’s healthcare.

Matlock OB/GYN is a group practice of progressive, experienced physicians dedicated to bringing North Texas women the latest in smart, caring and professional women’s healthcare. Together with our team of nurses and office staff, we offer complete gynecological and obstetrical care for females from their early teen years through menopause and beyond.

We have a 20-year legacy of serving North Texas women – now from two locations in South Arlington and Mansfield.

Gynecological Care Gynecological Care
You’ll be screened for various conditions based on your age, risk factors, family history and medical background. Annual Examinations are an important part of health care maintenance for women of all ages.
Obstetrical Care Obstetrical Care
Regular prenatal care is important for your health and that of your baby. Initially, we’ll see you in the office every 3-4 weeks, then more frequently as the pregnancy progresses.
Other Services Other Services
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy
  • Colposcopy
  • Bone Density Testing
  • Affirm Test
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I have been a patient of Dr. Conwell’s since 1986. She delivered both of my children and followed me thru numerous other medical issues. Dr. Cornwell is always very caring and meticulous in her approach to rendering medical care. She is the best of the best!